They do not lie;
they just neglect to tell the truth

The piece below was given to me by a friend some time ago. I thought it was so good I believe it should be shared with a wider audience. In fact I'm pretty sure that many of you know someone who could fit the thinking of this piece.
They do not lie; they just neglect to tell the truth. They do not take; they simply cannot bring themselves to give. They do not steal; they scavenge. They will not rock the boat; but did you ever see them pull an oar? They will not pull you down; they'll simply let you pull them up, and let that pull you down. They do not hurt you; they merely will not help you. They do not hate you; they merely cannot love you. They will not burn you; they'll only fiddle while you burn. They are the nothing peole; the sins-of-omission folk; the neither-good-nor-bad- and-therefore-worse. Because the good at least keep busy trying, and the bad try just as hard, both have that character that comes from caring, action and conviction. So give me every time an honest sinne…

The Travelling Trollope
Crash Landed
on Lahinch Beach

My family is in possession of an Oxygen tank taken from the American Bomber aka "The Travelling Trollope" which landed on the beach in Lahinch Co Clare Ireland during the 2nd World War  (10th July 1943). Subsequently in 1993 a plaque was erected in Lahinch to mark the 50th Anniversary of the crash landing.  See link1 below.
According to family lore stories abounded of the locals and holiday makers dismembering the plane and taking off with souvenirs of the various parts. In other words any "moveable part" was taken from the plane. Some stories are shrouded in mystery and like so many Irish stories the practice of "gilding the lily" is often taken to the extreme.
However you might be surprised, as I was, when I came across the results of a search for details on the Lahinch crash landing. Actually quite a few Bombers landed in Co Clare
See link2 for details of WW2 Bombers which landed, successfully or otherwise:

The day the plane came down in LahinchWartime…

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Taken while visiting Las Palmas


Parental Alienation poisons Families
and can cause serious harm
to Children and Adults alike.

What children divorced parents want and most need is to maintain a healthy and strong relationship with both their parents.  They don't want to be involved in the conflict. They feel that they have been the cause of the conflict.